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My Clever Mind is a blog founded in 2018 that aims to share and spread creativity. The site contains ideas for home decorating, DIY projects, handcrafts, and more. My Clever Mind believes strongly in the power of creative thinking as well as allocating time every day to make art or do something else creatively fulfilling because it really helps you think outside the box!

My Clever Mind was started by two sisters (and now we have a team!) who believe deeply that an individual’s mind can be clever at any stage of life—and everyone has their own unique cleverness with which they are trying bestow on others out there so we’re here to help get your brain going no matter what’s holding you back from making things happen today!

The idea behind this website is to provide readers with creative inspiration on how to get the best out of their minds.

The goal is to help people find new ways to express themselves through creativity or by bringing some life into their homes without spending too much money. This site will always be updated with new content regularly so there’s always something interesting waiting for you!


My Clever Mind Team ❤️

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