11 Comforting and Supportive Words to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

If somebody you know has lost a pet, they might be feeling sad and lonely. They may feel like no one understands what they’re going through. But you do understand – you just don’t know how to help or what to say.

Don’t worry, this post will help you find words to say to people who have lost their pet best friends. This will make them feel better, knowing that others also feel the same way about losing a pet.

These words will make sure they know it is okay to cry when they lose a pet because it means that they loved the pet very much, even if it was only for a short time.

It doesn’t matter how long they had them; losing them still hurts just as much. Pets are more than animals; they are part of the family!

The best thing you can do is let those who have lost their pets know that there will always be room in their hearts for another furry friend in the future!

It can be really difficult, but these 11 comforting and supportive words will make them feel better about moving forward with life.

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1. “I am so sorry your pet died. Losing a best friend is difficult. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but you need to know that you’ve made them happy when they were with you.”

Pets are special creatures because they give unconditional love and emotional support.

For this reason, getting over the pain of losing a pet will be difficult to overcome.

But knowing that the pet was happy when they were with that person, and knowing that their spirit is watching over them every day can be helpful.

Though it doesn’t seem like it now, the pain will lessen over time with help from you through these words. 

This sympathy message emphasizes that love knows no distance, so it doesn’t matter if they’re here on earth or up in heaven; they still love them very much. 

2. “I’m here if you need anything. Your dog [mention the dog’s name] was a burst of sunshine.”

In such an emotional time, if you may, you could remind them that their pet was a burst of sunshine.

The best way to do it is by holding the person’s hand and comforting them by saying that you’re sorry for the loss, acknowledging that it’s overwhelming to have just lost a loved member of the family but assuring them that the pet was an angel sent to the person to help guide them through some dark times.

3. “I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you’ll miss his presence. What can I do to help you?”

It can be difficult to know what to say when someone you know has lost a pet, but the best thing you can do is be understanding.

Allow them to grieve and cry without outright telling them it’s time to move on. If their feelings become too intense, talk about happier memories they’ve shared with their pet to lighten the mood again.

Losing a pet is upsetting, and nobody knows quite what to say or how to help at first.

One of the best things you can do for your friend is to be there for them – give them space if they want it, but just around doing wonders. 

Let them know they are not alone in their sorrow. You might ask if there are any special things you can do to make this time easier for them.

4. “My condolences. I’m sure [mention the pet’s name] is in a better place. You’ve made the right decision. Can I bring you a nice meal or a refreshing beverage?”

No one is ever really prepared for the loss of a pet. It can take months to get over it, and it sometimes felt like grief all over again when they see another animal that looks a little bit like their lost friend.

But life goes on, so comfort them by saying that it’s not their fault.

No matter what, the decision to put down a family pet is always difficult and heartbreaking, but they did what was best for the pet – this shouldn’t be their burden to carry forever.

Offer them a meal or beverage and listen if they want to talk. Then, when the emotions are over, ask them to go out or take a walk. Such a healing process will help them go through the pain little by little.

5. “[mention the pet’s name] was a wonderful best friend. Know that he/she was happy and grateful to have lived with a loving family.”

Having a pet is one of the best things in life. Their unconditional love and companionship cannot be measured. What also cannot be measured is the happiness they felt living with a loving family.

There is a way to steal their heart from such a difficult moment. After giving a comforting sympathy message, you may suggest they put some pictures of them and their pet together that show the good times.

6. [the pet’s name] was already like a family to you. I know it must be difficult to lose such a beautiful soul. Know that we’re thinking about you. Please, let us know if you need anything.”

Losing a pet is never easy (particularly when it is unexpected), and grieving is very different for everyone. It might be helpful for some people to share memories about their pet with other loved ones, like you.

Make sure they know that many people would be happy to help out by giving this sympathy message to them. Reaching out and then receiving some support during a tough time is what they need.

7. [The pet’s name] made our lives whole with his/her cheerfulness. He/she brought joy to our lives. There will never be a better cat/dog than he/she was.”

It’s hard to know what will work best, but an easy start is verbalizing that you’re sorry for their loss. You don’t need to say much more than that, because it can be tough knowing exactly what to say or do in this situation.

Then, try to show compassion by giving them hugs and tell them you felt joy that the pet brought when it was still alive.

Find ways of connecting their feelings of losing their pet with your experience in some way, while letting them know it is okay to not be okay right now.

8. “Wishing you peace, comfort, and strength during this difficult time. [Pet’s name] was such a great [dog/cat/etc.]”

There are three stages of grief, which are disbelief, anger, and depression. The last stage is acceptance. Many people experience these stages through tears, but oftentimes there is also laughter mixed in with the light moments.

Suggest them to take solace in knowing that they are not alone- the grieving process can be really tough to handle on their own.

Wishing them peace, comfort, and especially, strength will tell them that sadness is a valid and normal feeling, but they will be supported by their loved ones until the grieving period is over.

9. “I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Know that [pet’s name] is deeply loved and deeply missed. I’m here for you if you want to talk.”

Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family and it can be very hard to understand and accept. If you can find some time, maybe just bring over dinner to their house or invite them out to get away from everything for a little while.

They might not want to take anything because they don’t want anyone around at such a difficult time, but if they are up for company, you should do what would probably help them most – let them know that people care about them and their feelings about losing their loved pet.

10. “We’re sending our thoughts and prayers. [Pet’s name] was such a great friend to everyone. He/she will be missed greatly. It’s okay to be sad, we understand that it’s difficult to be separated from such a loving friend.”

It is always hard when the pet dies – it is an emotional loss.

Especially if the pet owner has shared so many memories, it will be more upsetting, so you need to remind them that their pet was such a great friend to everyone and that it is natural to miss a pet best friend who has meant so much to them.

Send them your condolences for the loss so the void inside their heart will be filled by support. Don’t rush them to adopt a new furry companion if they are not ready.

11. “Thinking about you and [pet’s name]. Please, take the time as long as you need and don’t forget to take care of yourself. The news about [pet’s name]’s passing has stricken us with grief. Wishing you and your family strength to cope with the difficult situation.”

It’s hard to know what to say when you first hear someone has lost a pet. You want them to know that it hurts the same no matter the size, but at the same time, you don’t want them to break down in front of you. Losing a pet is tough and having someone who knows that pain will help during this time immensely.

Your friend might ask you to not talk about it or they might start talking about it themselves without prompting, so just listen for as long as they need it.

But whatever they do, don’t assume because one person has lost a tiny hamster means another person should have their whole family be upset too.

Everyone grieves differently- all good friends will stand by every step of the way!

Comfort and Give Someone Who Lost A Pet Support

When a friend has a pet die, you can be there to help. You can do this by being kind and understanding. You can also give them presents.

You might offer them some time off from work, do something nice like cooking dinner or pick up takeout on the way over to help lighten the load.

Remember that it is important for us as friends and loved ones to support our friends during difficult times like this.

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