45 DIY Mouse Pad Ideas to Spruce Up Your Work Desk

You know how you’ve always wanted to make that perfect mouse pad, but never knew where to start?

Well, now’s your chance! There are so many amazing ideas here that will give your mouse pad some extra personality.

You’ll get all the detailed instructions and materials right here in this post. It can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be, but they’ll all be unique and fun! So, go ahead and give it a try!

Circle Shapes

Honeycomb Pattern

DIY Round Shape Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Have you seen these DIY mouse pad that feature a honeycomb pattern? They are perfect for anyone who wants to add some color and creativity into their work space.

Copper and Marble

DIY Copper and Marble Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This marble-look mouse pad is a sleek, ergonomic design that provides easy and efficient control of your computer’s cursor.

This DIY mouse pad offers an ergonomic design and luxurious feel, and in addition to its practicality is that it can be personalized to whatever color you want.

Circle Corkboard

DIY Circle Corkboard Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This is the super simple DIY mouse pad. You just need a corkboard trivet and vinyl sticker! It’s so easy because you don’t even have to do any painting or sewing-just stick it on there and you’re good to go!

Floral Pattern Mouse Pad

DIY Floral Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This floral pattern mouse pad is perfect for flower lovers who are looking to upgrade their desk with something more beautiful.


DIY Grapefruit Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Who doesn’t love grapefruit? Putting the fruit in our mouse pad will give a refreshing change to your desk!

Leaf Pattern

DIY Leaf Pattern Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

If you love plants, putting the leaves in your mouse pad will give a refreshing look to your desk!

Reversible Lettering

DIY Reversible Cork Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This mouse pad is reversible! When you’re feeling a little tired of your current desk design, just flip the pad over for some fresh new ideas.

Vintage Style

DIY Mouse Pad from Scrapbook Paper

Difficulty Level: Easy

I love the retro look of this mouse pad. It’s like it was made back in an era when we were all wearing bell bottoms and long hair.

The vintage style is so cool, I just want one for myself!

Donut Mouse Pad

DIY Donut Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

What a cute little donut mouse pad! Let’s put it on the desk so we can enjoy looking at our favorite sweet treat – and maybe even take an occasional nibble.

This is such a fun donut-themed mousepad, I think I’ll set it down here to remind us of how tasty these things are when they’re fresh out of the oven – or right off your plate too. We probably shouldn’t eat them all but you know what? Once in awhile isn’t going to hurt anyone either way…

Snake Skin Tape

DIY Snake Skin Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

You know what they say: Snakes are not your friends. But with this great snake skin mouse pad, you’ll be able to experience the feeling of a real live reptile without any harm done!

Leopard Skin

DIY Mouse Pad IKEA Hack Leopard Pattern

Difficulty Level: Easy

Why you should make this leopard skin mouse pad: it looks luxurious while actually very cheap. It’s also cruelty-free and made out of artificial material, so no animal was harmed.

Rectangle Shapes

Rose Gold Leather

DIY Rose Gold Leather Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Medium

This rose gold leather mouse pad looks so beautiful on your wooden desk, it’s like a little piece of art. You’ll love the feel and touch of this high-quality leather too!

Geometric Paint Leather

DIY Geometric Paint Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Medium

This is a beautiful, hand-painted leather mousepad that will look smashing in any office. Whether you’re looking for gifts or just something to bring some sophistication into the workplace, this DIY mouse pad isn’t one to be missed! Check out the instructions below.

Chevron Pattern

DIY Chevron Pattern Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

You’ve probably seen a chevron pattern before. It’s everywhere! From rugs to furniture, it seems like everything is in on this trend and now even mouse pads are joining the party!

Comic Book Covered

DIY Comic Book Custom Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Are you a Marvel fan? We’ve got just what the doctor ordered. This little mouse pad is straight from your favorite comic book series!

Reversible Fabric

DIY Reversible Fabric Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Medium

No more dirty mouse pad! This reversible fabric one will come in handy when the other side goes dirty. Use it at home or work, and save your desk surface from dirt too!

Dream BIG Corkboard

DIY Simple Cork Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This huge mouse pad is not only functional, but also will make you feel motivated everyday while doing your work!

Wood Contact Paper

DIY Mousepad Makeover Rustic Style

Difficulty Level: Easy

Instant mouse pad makeover! It’s easy to fix your worn out, dull mousepad in seconds with this quick trick. See the tutorial below.


DIY Monogrammed Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

There are some great (and free!) monogram printables that you can use to make your own custom mouse pad like this one.

Keffiyeh Pattern

DIY Keffiyeh Pattern Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This mouse pad has a keffiyeh pattern on it. It’s the perfect gift for someone who needs an extra dose of culture and creativity in their life!

Rhombus Pattern

DIY Rhombus Pattern Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This mouse pad is a great way to show your love for geometry! You can’t go wrong with this DIY rhombus patterned mousepad because it’s sleek and stylish.

Whether you want something that will represent your favorite color or geometric shape of choice, this might just be the perfect fit. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to personalize any desk,


DIY Printed Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Medium

Do you love the idea of using your own photos to make a mouse pad? If so, this is an easy DIY project for you! But first, you need an inkjet printer to print the photos onto fabric.

Dad’s Gift

DIY Mouse Pad for Dads

Difficulty Level: Easy

This mouse pad is perfect for a present to daddy. It has all of his favorite things on it!

Large Mouse Pad

DIY Large Mouse Pad from Fabric

Difficulty Level: Easy

We can easily find a desk pad (or desk mat) on Amazon, but nearly none of them suit our needs. If you want a more personalized desk pad, then this DIY project is perfect for you!

Desk Pad

DIY custom mouse pad big

Difficulty Level: Easy

This chic desk pad will have your work space looking good and you don’t even need to be a DIY enthusiast.

A few tools, some fabric, and about an hour is all it takes!

DIY Confetti Mouse Pad

DIY Confetti Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY confetti mouse pad will make your desk feel festive and lively. What other colors do you want to add? You could throw in some rainbow-colored pieces, or a few dots that look like stars!

Polka Dot Fabric

DIY dotted mousepad from fabric scrap

Difficulty Level: Hard

This is actually a cute-looking mouse pad that can be made with a sewing machine. However, it might be a little challenging if you don’t know how to sew.


DIY Mouse Pad Fabric Cover with Mod Podge

Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have an old mouse pad that’s looking a bit dull, why not give it some new life? Click the button below to learn more about how!


DIY Oilcloth Mouse Pad No Sew

Difficulty Level: Easy

To make this DIY mouse pad, you just need an oilcloth, corkboard (or plain mouse pad) and a spray adhesive, no sewing required! It’s as easy as that.

Luxury Leather

DIY Leather Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Hard

This mouse pad is not easy to make because you need an extra skill of leathercraft and the patience needed for this medium. It’s a good idea to have some experience with it before trying out your own design, but once you get more comfortable, there are no limits in what can be created!

Teacher’s Gift

DIY Mouse Pad for Teacher Gift

Difficulty Level: Hard

Giving your handmade mouse pad to your teacher as a gift is not only thoughtful, but it’s also super generous. Teachers spend so much of their money on materials for us that we should think about giving back to them.

Gold Stamps

DIY Mouse Pad Painting Gold Confetti

Difficulty Level: Easy

You may have noticed that old mouse pad is just not as good as you want it. Luckily, there’s an easy way you can give your mouse pad a new look by stamping it with gold ink using the end of a pencil.

Stencil Mouse Pad

DIY Back to School Taco Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Working with stencils is another great way to change up your mouse pad! There are a lot of options, so you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Gold Pattern

DIY Gold Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY mouse pad is all over the internet. It’s been making waves recently, and with a good reason! The gold-striped design on this adorable mousepad will make your desk look like it came out of a magazine-worthy home office set up.

Print n Go

DIY Unique Artsy Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Medium

This DIY mouse pad is the perfect way to spruce up your desk! You start by selecting a digital image and printing it on a cotton fabric.

Next, stick this printed fabric onto a rubber mat with some spray adhesive–it’s easy as can be!

Gold Dots on Suede

DIY Gold Polkadotted Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Using suede as a mouse pad surface will not only give you better control over how far or close to move your cursor because of its smoothness, but also make sure everyone knows who has style!

And by adding gold polka dots, there isn’t anything sweeter than having such luxury at hand while working on long projects-or just scrolling through social media feeds looking fabulously idle. 😉


DIY pom pom mouse pad

Difficulty Level: Medium

Using pom-poms for a mousepad will give your desk an extra cute look. The best thing is that it’s so easy to make, and you can change the colors to match your style too!

Other Shapes


DIY Heart Shaped Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY mouse pad is shaped like a heart, so it’s perfect for the next gift to someone special, or even use it yourself! It’s also thick and easy to clean!

This mousepad is practically made out of love with its cute shape and polka-dotted design.

DIY Rainbow Mouse Pad

DIY Cork Rainbow Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

The best mouse pads are made by hand, and this one is the most colorful! The bright colors of your rainbow will always be so inviting. Who doesn’t need a little more cheer in their lives?

DIY Crystal Shape Mouse Pad

DIY Geometric Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

This gorgeous, handmade and one-of-a kind crystal shaped mousepad is made from rubber mat cut in crystal shape. The beautiful design will add some class to your desk or the home office!

DIY Diamond Shape Mouse Pad

DIY Diamond Shaped Mousepad

Difficulty Level: Easy

Get your creative on with this diamond-shaped mouse pad. It’s the perfect way to spice up any workspace or home office!

DIY Glowing Mouse Pad

How to Make A Glowing Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Hard

This DIY mouse pad is a challenge for those who don’t know much about electricity, but it’s worth the struggle! Learn how to build this by clicking the button below.

Custom Shape Corkboard

DIY Cork Mouse Pad Covered with Fabric

Difficulty Level: Easy

This one is a simple mouse pad to make, but you’ll need an extra step of cutting the corkboard.

But don’t worry! You can always use scissors or cutter to make the shape.

DIY Mouse Pad Makeover

DIY Mouse Pad Makeover

Difficulty Level: Easy

Do you have an old mousepad? How about giving it a fresh look with this easy DIY project? All you need is some fabric and creativity to re-shape your mouse pad mat.

Custom Covered Mouse Pad

DIY Custom Covered Mouse Pad

Difficulty Level: Easy

You can’t buy happiness, but making a simple DIY custom covered mouse pad might make you feel happy and satisfied.


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