15 Flirty Responses to “What Are You Doing?”

Have you ever found yourself lost for words when someone asked you, “What are you doing?” It’s a common question that often leaves us stammering, unsure of how best to respond. Worry no more. We understand this scenario can be a tad confusing. But hey, let’s turn that confusion into fun. Whether you’re texting or face-to-face, we’ve got a compilation of responses that can help you turn the tables. This guide will offer you responses that range from casual to flirty, keeping the conversation going.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says “What Are You Doing?”

When someone asks, “What are you doing?” it could mean various things based on the context. Generally, it’s a simple inquiry about your current activity. But, in a more intimate context, it could indicate interest or an invitation to engage in a conversation. You’re not confined to respond to it in a plain, ordinary way. You can spin it around and make it fun, playful, or even flirty. Now, buckle up as we dive into the intriguing world of flirty responses.

Flirty Responses to “What Are You Doing?”

When it comes to flirting, the key is to be authentic, light-hearted, and a tad daring. A well-timed flirt can change the whole dynamic of your conversation. Here’s a list of flirty responses that will help you add that spark.

Here Are Some Flirty Responses to “What Are You Doing”

  1. “Just thinking about you. What about you?”
  2. “Trying to figure out how to steal your heart.”
  3. “I’m busy being amazing. Care to join?”
  4. “Just in the middle of dreaming about you.”
  5. “Plotting my world domination… want to be my partner in crime?”
  6. “I was just planning our future. Fancy a sneak peek?”
  7. “Living my life, but it would be better with you in it.”
  8. “Just working on becoming your favorite hello and hardest goodbye.”
  9. “Exploring the depths of Netflix. Could use a cuddle buddy, though.”
  10. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Want to find out?”
  11. “Just looking for a reason to smile… found it!”
  12. “Making plans to impress a certain someone.”
  13. “Scheming on how to make your day as fantastic as you are.”
  14. “Wondering what it would be like to have you here with me.”
  15. “Currently doing a bit of nothing. Might be more fun if we do it together.”

Conversations can be as colorful, exciting, or flirty as you choose to make them. Navigating through the complexities of social interactions can sometimes be a daunting task. But remember, the most important thing is to be genuine, be you. There’s a certain charm in authenticity that no flirty response can beat. So the next time someone asks you, “What are you doing?” feel free to use these responses!

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