15 Things to Say to a Muslim Friend When Someone Dies

If you have a Muslim friend and they’ve lost someone, it can be hard to know what to say as death is a terrible experience and it is important to be sensitive when it occurs.

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or awkward around them because of their faith and culture.

Learn how not saying the wrong thing can make all the difference in your relationship with them after they lose someone important in their life.

Certain things should be said and done to show respect for the deceased, their family, and your Muslim friend.

Here, you will learn how to support them during this difficult time with these helpful tips!

Remembering what to say at times like these can make all the difference in the world. Your words of comfort may mean more than you know. Let’s get started!

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How to Send Condolences In Islam

Are you looking for a way to express your condolences to your Muslim friend?

First, you need to understand that Muslims are encouraged to remember the deceaseds’ lives and how they lived them and avoid grieving excessively.

This is why it’s important to know how to send condolences in Islam properly so you can honor the person who has passed on while also remembering his or her life.

The etiquette of sending condolences in Islam is very simple but some things need to be done when you send your condolence.

When a person dies in Islam, there is a memorial to perform prayer for the deceased and their visitors give money to the family or charity.

After the burial, you may offer flowers and a food basket for sympathy.

Make sure the flowers are modest and that your respect and sympathy for the deceased are conveyed.

When it comes to delivering a sympathized basket of food, you must also consider the Islamic dietary restrictions (halal food).

What to Say to a Muslim Friend When Someone Dies

You want your words of condolence to be heartfelt and meaningful, but you also don’t want to offend or upset your friend by saying the wrong thing so you must choose your words carefully.

Take a look at these 15 things to best console a Muslim friend after they lose someone close!

1. “May Allah (SWT) protect and guide her to the highest righteous place where she dwells in peace with blessings.”

When someone is grieving, it can be difficult to find words of solace.

Saying things like “may Allah (SWT) protect and guide her” which are taken from the Islamic faith, can be comforting. The sorrowful friend will feel less alone.

2. “May Allah accept him into Paradise. We may not be able to do anything for him now, yet we can pray for him so that he can enter the Garden of Bliss.”

The pain of losing someone close can be unbearable. Condolence messages from a dear friend can make a big difference.

For example, the words “May Allah accept him into Paradise” bring relief. It is comforting to know that someone is there for them in this difficult time.

3. “May Allah grant you and your family patience and strength, so that you can endure the hardship of this difficult time.”

When someone dies, patience and strength are needed. It’s hard to go on when you lose a loved one, but it does get easier with time.

You can’t rush your friend through grief. It takes time to deal with it, but they don’t have to do it alone because they have you.

4. “May Allah be with you and your family. I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one.”

Nothing can make up for the loss of someone close to you, but knowing that you’re there for them is comforting.

It’s important to show your condolence and it’s necessary to be considerate and thoughtful during the time of grieving.

5. “May Allah have mercy on her soul.”

“May Allah have mercy on her soul” is the phrase you can say to comfort someone after they’ve lost a loved one.

One of the traditions of condolence in Islam is teaching to remember that everyone will die eventually. There’s no escape. “It was Allah’s Plan, not ours.”

When someone dies, it can be difficult to think that life goes on without them; but it does continue.

Being there for a friend who is grieving is important because they may feel alone after losing someone close to them.

6. “May Allah bring peace to your heart. Don’t worry, he is in a better place. Let’s hope that peace has embraced him.”

I’m sure your friend will be glad to hear that the person they love has moved on to a better place.

Let them know that you don’t think it’s their fault, but there is peace.

7. “Peace be upon her. Her departure from life is part of the natural process of life which Allah has created for us all. Let me know if you need anything. You are in my thoughts and prayer too.”

What better way to console a friend when they lose someone close to them than by showing that you’re thinking about them?

You can let your Muslim friend know that they are in your thoughts during this difficult time.

They will appreciate knowing that you’re there for them even when they feel so terribly alone.

8. “Remember that he is resting now at the feet of Allah Almighty, so do not be saddened by their passing knowing that he is now with Allah the Creator Who loves him most.”

It can be very painful when someone you love dies, but your condolence message should help them find comfort in the fact that they still have people who love them and care about them.

Saying that “he is now with Allah the Creator Who loves him most” reminds your friend that their loved one has been at peace.

9. “May Allah be with her! She is in a better place and we will all see her again one day.”

Your Muslim friend is likely to appreciate when you send your condolences for the loss of their loved one.

Saying this can help your friend feel less distraught when they are grieving after losing someone they cared about deeply.

10. “May her soul rest in eternal peace and may Allah brings you patience and strength.”

It’s important to show sympathy and empathy towards a person who has lost someone close to them.

So, saying “Peace be upon him!” or “Peace be upon her!” can offer comfort since it reminds them that everyone will eventually die and there is peace in death.

Moreover, saying “may her soul rest in eternal peace,” tells them that there is a comfort after death.

11. “May Allah make her resting place in Jannah, the Paradise of Peace.”

It’s hard to lose a loved one, but it helps when others acknowledge that this person was important to them by saying something like “She was such a good person”.

Your Muslim friend might know their loved one was good, but they will appreciate being reminded of it.

Also, by saying “may Allah make her resting place in Jannah,” you can show that you hope your friend’s loved one is in a better place and that they will meet again in the afterlife when they are at eternal peace.

12. “May Allah grant him eternal peace and grant you patience in your loss.”

When someone loses a loved one, it can be truly unbearable. Saying “May Allah grant you patience during these difficult times” reminds them that they are not alone when they’re struggling with grief.

It’s not always easy to find the right words to help someone who is grieving, but sending a condolence message can make a big difference in their life at this difficult time.

13. “May All have mercy on his soul and grant you the strength to face the days ahead and deep comfort at this difficult time.”

When someone has lost someone close to them, reminding your friend that they are not alone is comforting.

Saying that may Allah grant your friend strength let them know that you want them to have the ability to be strong and to persevere when life does not go how it should.

14. “In light of this tragedy, I want to let you know that I am here for you whenever needed.”

There’s no good way to show someone who has lost a loved one that you support them during these hard times, but saying that you are there for them can mean a lot.

Of course, your friend might feel guilty because they don’t feel like they’re doing anything to help themselves, but your condolence message can show that you’re not thinking that way.

15. “May Allah grant you perseverance through this difficult time. To ease your pain for a while, let us pray together that Allah have mercy on her soul.”

Sometimes, the best condolence we can give to a friend who has lost someone they loved deeply is to remind them that we will be here for them and hope the pain gets easier over time.

Saying this shows compassion and concern towards their feelings and well-being.


It is important to know how to say the appropriate words to provide comfort for a Muslim friend who has lost someone close.

The condolence phrases listed above should help you start thinking about what might be most comforting and supportive.

Remember, these condolences are not all-inclusive; there may be phrases that your Muslim friend appreciates more than others.

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